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5-6: "Tastes Like Love" on Minnesota Picks

"Weíve mandated a weekly date night with our hubby. An evening where thereís no talk about work, weddings or home improvement; just tasty nibbles, plenty of wine and molto amore! To make it a no-brainer, and ease the pain of "Wherever should we go?" weíve made a permanent res at our favorite romantic spot: Scusi." Read more

4-27: "Homemade Italian and friendly service at Scusi" on Examiner.com

"The Twin Cities have a lot of great Italian places, and one of the newer hot spots is Scusi in St. Paul. I finally got around to checking this place out last weekend and I was very impressed with the food, the atmosphere and the outstanding service." Read more

4-19: Best Wine List - 2011 on Citypages

"Goodness, has there been some sort of emergency? It might look that way walking into Scusi's bar…" Read more

3-14: "Delicious Italian in St. Paul" on My Talk

Check it out!

12-22-10: "Scusi: A Taste of Italy on St. Clair Avenue" by the651.com

"One of the most noticeable features the new restaurant flaunts is a large-scale chilling apparatus designed to dispense wine via taps."  Read more.

2-11: "Scusi: This Mac-Groveland restaurant straddles the middle of serious culinary ambition and being a casual neighborhood restaurant."

Read more.

12-22-10: "Scusi: A Taste of Italy on St. Clair Avenue" by the651.com

"One of the most noticeable features the new restaurant flaunts is a large-scale chilling apparatus designed to dispense wine via taps."  Read more.

12-22-10: Scusi featured in Star Tribune article "Liquid Assets: Thinking ahead, and going small"

"Scusi co-owner and wine buyer Luke Shimp says this is a great time for restaurants to offer wines at reasonable prices. His restaurant is also the regionís first to sell wine from a keg. "We want people to know itís a wine house," he said. "  Read more.

12-17-10: "Scusi: tour St. Paul's newest hangout" on Citypages Blog

"Achieving a comfortable atmosphere with checked tablecloths, cozy booths, and twinkly candlelight, Scusi makes a fine neighborhood joint. What's cool: wine on tap, create-your-own charcuterie plates, hearty winter comforts like osso buco, your choice of formal dining room or casual wine bar."  Read more.

12-17-10: "Scusi in St. Paul" by Heavy Table

"Two words to define the dining experience at Scusi: hearty and satisfying."  Read more.

12-15-10: "Scusi Italian in St. Paul shows Blue Plate's ambition" by Citypages

"Scusi may be more focused, chef-driven, and upscale than the other Blue Plate eateries, but it still keeps things casual."  Read more.

12-08-10: "No apology necessary: Macalester-Groveland makes room for Blue Plate Companyís new Scusi" says The Villager

"On opening day, Scusi catered to a full house and the crowds havenít let up since."  Download the article.

12-07-10: "Scusi: A First Look" by Metro Magazine

"When I first heard that the former Heartland space in the Mac-Groveland neighborhood would soon be convereted into a casual, Italian, red sauce affair, I thought I had never heard of anything so brilliant."  Read more.

12-06-10: "Scusi has Strong Connection to the Neighborhood it Serves" says Lavendar Magazine

"While I was there on a busy Thursday night, my dining partner remarked how diners tended to linger over their tables well into the evening, enjoying just one more glass of wine before venturing back out into the cold."  Read more.

11-24-10: "Hell's Kitchen vs. Scusi: a ricotta pancake prize fight" on Citypages Blog

"Ready to flee family? Head to Scusi. Their toppings are a welcome variation for pancake lovers."  Read more.

11-4-10: A "Small Bite" by Kathy Jenkins on TwinCities.com

"Blue Plate goes Italian, and we say, 'Grazie'…"  Read more.

11-2-10: Scusi featured on Heavy Table

"Thatís a big olí menu, and the prices are really decent…"  Read More.

10-27-10: Scusi is featured on Twin Cities Live

We were one of four restaurants featured on "The Latest Dish".  Watch it.

10-13-10: Great friend of Scusi and Wine educator Jason Kallsen Blogs about Scusi!

"The Blue Plate Restaurant Company is about to give an amazing gift to the residents of Mac-Grove in St. Paul (where I also happen to live). Sucsi, the new Italy meets Chicago meets Sicily meets San Francisco style restaurant and wine bar is in the final stages of staff preparation…"  Read more.