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About Scusi

Delicious, authentic; never stuffy or pretentious—that’s Scusi.

Our shared-plate approach to the purity of Italian cuisine is for you to enjoy a variety of our favorite dishes. Every dish is made in-house by our talented chefs; from our pizzas, pastas, sauces & stocks, expect nothing but the freshest, most authentic ingredients.

Our unique, Italian focused wine list numbers over 50, with half our wines on tap by the mezzo and quartino. Our wine selections range from Sicily in the south to Veneto in the north, with a smattering of “Cal-Itals” & left coast favorites. We’ve organized our list by style and mood to aid your selection, or your server will be delighted to help pair your meal with something mouthwatering or sassy.

So make yourself at home, and enjoy our wonderful selections.

Buon Appetito!